LG Stackable Washer Dryer

The LG stackable washer dryer is stylish with a stainless steel drum and a chrome-rimmed round glass door. There are plenty of control options for how you wash and dry a load of laundry. Wash cycles include cotton/towels, normal, permanent press, delicates, hand wash, and speed wash. Nine wash options include prewash, quick cycle, rinse and spin, extra rinse, and a stain cycle. Five soil settings on the machine and a sanitary cycle that heats the water to 158 degrees help remove the heaviest dirt and grease.

Five spin speeds, including high, medium, low, and extra high spin speed spins clothes at 1,100rpms provide even more options.

A SenseClean system adjusts the water level and wash time determined by the load size and weight.

Convenient electronic controls with an easy to read LED display are on the front. You get alerts when your wash is done and a timer feature lets you delay a cycle for up to 19 hours.

LG stackable washer dryer models include features like a child lock and LoDecibel sound reduction. A four-tray dispenser dispenses detergents for prewash, wash, bleach, and fabric softener.

LG stackable washer dryers can be stacked under a counter or side by side. For added convenience, the height can be adjusted with an optional 13 inch pedestal with built in storage drawers.

The Pros:

1. Low water user: I cannot believe how little water this thing uses. I'd never seen a front loader in action before but instead of an entire basin filling with water if you can imagine it's almost like there are a bunch of tiny "water guns" circling the rim that occasionally shoot some water out on the clothes.
2. Easy to load laundry treatment tray: There is a spot for detergent, another for bleach, another for fabric softener, and one extra spot that I put a little Borax in. All this is in a tiny "drawer" that opens and closes at the top of the machine.
3. Adjusts water levels by laundry weight: It spins the clothes for about a minute to automatically determine what the load size is and adjusts the water level accordingly.

4. Lots of cleaning options: There are TONS of different wash and rinse combinations. Most take at least an hour to do but they also have a "speed wash" that took 20 minutes from start to finish. I used this cycle once after my wife had an allergic reaction to a new shower soap we tried. Some of the allergens were in the sheets but they weren't soiled or dirty and consequently that option came in very useful.
5. High RPM spin cycle: It has INCREDIBLY FAST spin cycles that get the clothes a lot closer to dry which means less dryer time.

6. Low noise: I think it's pretty quiet although we have it in our basement so that's not a critical issue.
7. Child safety lock: There's a child lock button you can press so that if you have small children that think it's fun to press all the different lighted flashing buttons they can do so to their hearts content without messing up your washing instructions.

The CONS: (I should point out that these have to do with ALL Front Loaders and nothing really specific to the LG).
1. LG Prices: First and foremost THE PRICE. We paid just under $1000 for the washer itself. When I was leaving Sears I noticed that most of the top loaders were less than $500. True our utility bills will be less but it'll be quite a while before we make up that loss.

2. Repair worries: These washers have so many bells and whistles that they all now have little computers instead of just some simple knobs. To me I worry that there is now a lot more that can go wrong with them and might be costly to repair but before buying a front loader I checked with our repair guy who said to date they haven't really had any problems with them.
3. No pause feature: Once you hit "start" you're committed. Unlike the top loader that will allow you to add a few more clothes that you might have forgotten - this one locks the front door after you hit start and won't unlock until its done spinning.

All in all the only major complaint so far about LG stackable washer dryer is price. The LG does a great job of cleaning clothes at a fraction of the cost our old unit did.


  1. so nice and elegant.

  2. Stackable washer and dryer should handled with care and before buying it, you must think several times and consider the factors such as the size of your house, the budget, the strength and etc. This would save headaches in the future. And also when buying, ask the seller if they do free service under the warrantee period. This is really necessary if ever you mishandle your stackable washer dryer and some parts is broken.

  3. The LG stackable washer dryer is stylish with a stainless steel drum and a chrome-rimmed round glass door. There are plenty of control options ...